Monday, April 2, 2012

Tuning Up: User's Guide

Exaclty 40 years ago today, the Grateful Dead were recovering from their jet lag, exploring London, and frantically finalizing the venue for the first two shows of the tour (I'll explain the details on the 7th). Oh, and it was Easter.

I've been tossing around ideas on how to structure my posts and wanted to give everyone a preview. I know the GD is not everyone's cup of tea (or mug of beer/chalice of alizé), and I plan on covering various other topics that interest me (and hopefully you, too). If you prefer one or the other, I will structure my posts roughly like this:
  1. The Concert
    • Show details, setlist*, and personal highlights, plus links to recordings (when possible)
    • Concert description/review and GD historical information
    • Featured song of the day
  2. Alternative Topic (please take the poll on the right to tell me what you'd be interested in reading)
  3. PS (Pairing Suggestion): Usually beer/food pairing, but maybe any things I think work well together.
I've added a Set Break tab for other videos and links I find interesting, informative, or just funny. Please feel free to email me suggested materials for this section, as well. I'll try to update these regularly, most recent on top.

I'll continue to add polls and other gadgets for the sidebar (web version only), so check back periodically. In the meantime, enjoy London!!

Maybe not in Europe, but it sure looks like 1972.

-Morning Brewer


* Not all of the setlists from the Europe '72: The Complete Recordings release line up with the ones in Deadbase IX and The Deadhead's Taping Compendium, Vol. 1. For the purposes of this blog, I use the song order on the released CDs because I believe they are most reliable, though it is possible they moved some of the songs around to fit them onto CDs efficiently.


  1. What's the best kind of beer for listening to the Grateful Dead?

    1. That all depends on the show, my friend!! Personal tastes, GD era, and show location are all factors, and I'll take them all into account in the PS section of my posts. Stay tuned!
      Survey says: IPA, followed by Belgian Pale Ale.
      I've gotta say, people are scared of the Honey You're So Wild, but it's fantastic, starting to get a bit funky.